The next AET taught course is likely to be early in 2019 at a venue in Cumbria. Contact me at for details.

Have you been teaching/training for some time and now you find you need a qualification to funding, or simply to get work?

  • That can be frustrating because you know how to teach and are now being asked to prove it.

  • Maybe you’ve had to work through other organisations rather than run courses yourself.

  • Maybe you’ve missed out on funding for training projects that you would have liked to have done.

OMc, an experienced trainer, said,
As I already work in a teaching environment I will review my delivery style and materials to ensure they are ok for each target audience.


Maybe you are expected to do some teaching as part of a wider role, but you aren’t totally confident that you go about it the right way.

  • Maybe you’ve muddled through but felt uncomfortable when running a course or when public speaking.

  • Maybe you don’t feel totally happy with your teaching resources and methods

  • Being able to structure a session plan can give you a lot of confidence.

SC, a new trainer, said,
I have gained confidence, especially delivering to people from other backgrounds. I now know how to adjust my teaching to learners’ needs.


IVITA Learning is pleased to offer (through Appleby Heritage Centre) the newest City & Guilds teacher and trainer qualifications.

These have become the required qualifications for those who teach, train or instruct adults in the sector that includes:

  • F.E.

  • Adult and Community Learning

  • Work-based learning

  • Voluntary organisations.


I can help you become qualified and more confident.

  • I have been a trainer for 30 years, working for other people, and for the last 14 years in my own training company IVITA Learning.

  • I am qualified to teach adults (I have an MA in Education and Training)

  • I have a track record of teaching people to teach adults in group situations and online.

  • My students become qualified with a recognised qualification.


The Award in Education & Training is a City & Guilds qualification which is recognised internationally as well as nationally.

It is a 40-hour course delivered one day per week on alternate weeks (sometimes Saturdays depending on the needs of each group). It is assessed by:

  • written assignments to prove knowledge and understanding

  • a practical ‘micro-teach’ to deliver a half-hour session to others in the group

It is a Level 3 qualification made up of 12 credits from three units.

  • Unit 301 (3 credits)

    Understanding the roles, responsibilities and relationships in education and training

  • Unit 302 (6 credits)

    Understanding and using inclusive teaching and learning approaches in education and training

  • Unit 305 (3 credits)

    Understanding assessment in education and training


The cost of £520 is per person on an open course in Cumbria.


The cost is inclusive of:

  • Training, assessment and support with qualified, friendly and experienced trainers and assessors

  • A user-friendly portfolio set up and ready to use with some suggested documents to help achieve competence in the optimum time

  • Registration and certification with City and Guilds

  • All administration costs

  • On-going email and telephone support throughout the programme

  • My travel (unless over 100 miles round-trip)


By the end of the course you will:

  • Have a recognised qualification.

  • Become more skilled in the basics of planning and carrying out training, assessing learning and you will be able to evaluate the sessions for future improvement.

  • Feel more confident in your role as a trainer

  • Better able to enjoy teaching others and/or speaking in public